Top 9 tow vehicle (F-250) posts… and much more!

Our 2006 F-250 4×2 Crew Cab Super Duty XLT diesel truck is a thriving star that has dependably pulled our Airstream trailer to our favorite beach, mountain and desert campsites in San Diego County for the past 10 years and yet, has only put on 22,728 miles, and now is looking for a new owner who will give it the same loving care (oil changes and service every 6 months by our local Ford dealership) as I have.

Its gleaming Silver exterior matches the Airstream trailer and together make a handsome, eye-catching couple.

Over these past 10 years this blog has documented how we use the trailer as well as its tow vehicle and the top tow vehicle posts are:

F-250 dual battery change

Our 2007 23′ Airstream Safari 10th Year Anniversary and Review

Tire pressure monitoring system

Tire pressure monitoring system II

TPMS – Update

Diesel power

Traveling and Pet Safety

Tiki time in the mountains

Fired up, and ready to go

But now our Airstream trailer has been sold and our special order 2018 Rav4 Hybrid Limited* just arrived and now its time to find a loving home for our silver F-250.

Breaking news: We just sold our 12-year old F-250 Super Duty truck for $21,000, a retention of 50% of its original value!×2-crew-cab-super-duty-xlt-diesel/

See the article, “Diesel Truck Residual Values Rise With Mileage.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, Training the mind… focusing… and thriving.*

New episodes will be presented on my new blog: History Safari Expresso!

*This is a YouTube video.