The selling of our Airstream trailer

In our younger years, we enjoyed tent camping, so shortly into our retirement, 11 years ago, we rekindled the dream of camping and explored the RV options that would make it more pleasant and comfortable.  After visiting dealers of pop up and white box, and finally Airstream trailers, we came to the conclusion that it would be Airstream or nothing!  After doing almost a year of homework and exploring all of the information and opinions in AirForums and Airstream Life, we bought a 2007 Airstream Safari SE 23′ trailer and brought it home in January 2007, as detailed in “SilverGate’s Safari is Home at Last!

HP Our Safari arrives home (Jan:2007)For the next 10 years our family enjoyed the form and function of this iconic trailer* while camping in the beautiful desert, mountain, and beach parks in San Diego County and meeting and making new friends along the way.

DSC_0130 Vallecito County Park 2008

DSC_0108 Wm Heise County Park 6:08

DSC_0017 South Carlsbad State BeachAs I entered the seventh decade of my life, my body began telling me that I should lighten the workload and yet still enjoy being a California day-tripper.*  So we decided to find the right person to buy, enjoy and love this Airstream as we have.  To this end, we first contacted friends and then placed our ad on AirForums’ Airstream Classifieds on September 13. The first responses were from dealers who wanted to buy it for resale.  There were 18 other inquires and I asked each one to tell me something about themselves, interest in Airstream, RV experience, how they would use the trailer, and what they would use as a tow vehicle.

IMG_0721 Our Airstream ad 9:13:17Two days after the ad was posted, we got a positive response that looked promising from a local, young family who came to see the trailer and decided after a few days of serious contemplation that this trailer would be a perfect match, and we agreed!  The transaction was completed with a cashier’s check, bill of sale, and the Notice of Title Transfer and Release of Liability.  I then reviewed with the buyer how everything worked and assisted in hitching up the trailer to his 2016 RAM 3500 truck.  I then followed him in our truck, filled with camping items that we no longer needed, and assisted him in parking and unhitching the trailer.

IMG_0669 Our Safari's new homeport

Our Safari was beaming, looking happy, and right at home in its new homeport!

IMG_0670 A beaming happy Safari!Also looking happy, the new owner said he and his family are absolutely thrilled with the trailer!

IMG_0672 The happy new owner!And we are happy and thrilled to pass this iconic Airstream trailer on to a younger generation that will give it love, good use, good care, and a good home!

*Encore YouTube videos: Paul McCartney – Two of Us and Transfer – Reflections of Home and Losing Composure


  1. says

    Wow! I certainly have mixed feelings on this. I know you both enjoyed your Airstream and I know we enjoy reading your posts. We’ll miss reading about your adventures and miss the great pictures! But, I do admire you knowing when it’s time to move on to something else. I’ll probably have to be told by someone or I’ll do something stupid/unsafe. We wish you both all the best and know you both will enjoy whatever your paths lead you to.
    Perhaps you could start a day-tripper blog to cronical your new adventures. If you do, please let us know. We’d love to read about them.

    • Bill D. says

      Thanks, Jim, for your comments and kind words. Aside from aging, when it becomes more work than fun, it is time to change course. Our new “day-tripper” blog is already in place: History Safari Expresso, which features gardens, flowers, meditations, and some of the best camping photos. For now, I’ll still be posting Airstream-related articles on this blog.


  2. Bev&Geo says

    What a wonderful journey You have had We know the future holds many more adventures for You two & dear Tasha. We’re looking forward to seeing You again! Thanks for all of your activity in making our world a better place. You guys are an inspiration. With Great appreciation. Always Bev&Geo

    • Bill D. says

      Thanks, Bev & George for your kind comments and for being our wonderful neighbors at Agua Caliente over the years! We look forward to seeing you again as we become “day-trippers” in a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid! Love, Bill and Larry

  3. Tom says

    Congrats on finding the trailer a good home.

    You were instrumental in giving me advice on how to do the pre-purchase inspection on our near-identical 2007 23′ Safari SE LS L-lounge, so I’m a bit wistful at seeing your trailer go. (On the other hand, it’s good to see that resale value is strong!) 🙂

    All the best with the next step in your travels.

    • Bill D. says

      Thanks, Tom, for your comments. It was a pleasure helping you prepare for your pre-purchase inspection back in 2012. As others have found, Airstream trailers hold their value pretty well over the years. Our 10-year old Safari retained 70% of its original value (bought new in 2007)!

      Best to you and family!