Catrina returns to the desert

After installing our new Marathon tires and securing the rub rail, we got underway on our return to the Anza-Borrego Desert for the start of our fall camping season.  I remembered the importance of checking the torque on the lug nuts, and did so at Vista Point along Interstate 8.  We then proceeded over the mountains with the help of our vertical thrusters (to save on tire wear) and made a soft landing at a new site for us at Agua Caliente County Park.

We delighted in our vista views of the desert that expanded to our east.

I enjoyed early morning photography, along with freshly brewed coffee, Larry’s homemade peanut butter and jelly shortbread, and my favorite traveling well magazine (current issue’s cover illustration features an Airstream with vertical thrusters).

We were not the only ones savoring this spot, as our Airstream friends Bert and Janie from Montana had arrived here just a few hours earlier with their beautiful 30′ Classic.

For five gloriously sunny days and clear nights, we enjoyed hiking, relaxing, and dining under the stars, while delighting in our camaraderie and thoughtful discussions.  For example, we discussed the magnificent aspects of the desert and life that adapts and thrives here, and the importance of preservation efforts as noted in Bert’s article, “The Politics of Preserving Time“.  We also discussed social issues, diversity of life, and the importance of water and compassion as noted in Bert’s article, “Compassionate Water Tanks — What’s Their Purpose?“.

We also experienced the heat of the desert sun as daily daytime temperatures soared in the nineties and we relied on our air conditioning and the newly completed sunshade made by Larry, featuring the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.

Before the heat of the day, Bert and I hiked the Moonlight Canyon Trail, where we had photographed Peninsular Bighorn Sheep last December.  In my next post I’ll show Bert at work photographing what we found along the way.

Catrina joined us on our return to the desert as we look forward to celebrating Día de los Muertos!  (See the really cool video, “The Catrin Mens Dia de los muertos face paint tutorial“, and article, “Living the Day of the Dead“.)

Update: Larry baked pan de muerto in honor of this special day.


  1. Rich Luhr says

    Another lovely trip to the desert. You guys know how to do it right! Someday we will join you again.

    The sunshade is a terrific idea for those hot afternoons where the western sun slips under the awning and hits the side of the trailer. I am going to talk to Eleanor about making one of our own.

  2. says

    Bill, what a treat to see you guys are out and about again! I can once again enjoy a little California sunshine through your eyes!

    I agree with Rich…you guys really know how to live 🙂