Airstream, Apple, and the ‘OH WOW’ experience

We might have been crazy ones, spending a significant chunk of our retirement savings for a relatively expensive recreational vehicle, but upon seeing our custom-ordered 2007 Airstream Safari travel trailer shining in the sun as flags waved festively overhead at the dealership, I felt that ‘OH WOW’ experience.

For us, the Airstream trailer with its iconic shape, clean lines, beauty and functionality, made us feel good, and was well worth the investment.

Our decision to buy this was based on much research, and once it had been acquired, I began researching a replacement for our 9 year old PC.  For me, having a PC had been a love-hate relationship and I wanted our next computer to be enjoyable, functional, beautiful, intuitive, and relatively trouble-free.  I noticed that several people were fulltiming in their Airstream trailers (Rich L. and Rich C.) while happily blogging away on their Mac laptops.  The Mac vs PC research led me to buy an iMac and a MacBook Pro.

Needless to say, it was another ‘OH WOW’ experience and love at first sight and use, and continues to be so… the beauty of aluminum in form and function.

As I write this, I am using the MacBook Pro made by Apple. Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was its co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer.  For three hours on October 19, Apple closed all of its retail stores worldwide for “A celebration of Steve’s life.”  Earlier this week, PBS presented “Steve Jobs: One Last Thing – An inside look at the man and the major influences that helped shape his life and career.”

On October 24, 2011, Simon & Schuster released the authorized biography, Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, now the top-selling book in the country.  As I read this fascinating story, which includes his faults as well as his achievements, I found it interesting that he was influenced by some of the people that influenced me when I was in college, such as Bob Dylan (“It’s Alright Ma“), Timothy Leary (“Legend of a Mind ~ Moody Blues“, The Beatles (“Two of Us“), and Joan Baez (“Forever Young“).

Earlier this week, we celebrated Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, a day of celebrating and honoring those who have gone before us.  Larry made Pan de Muerto, a sugar-topped sweet egg bread traditionally shaped into skulls or round loaves.

On October 16, a memorial service was held for Steve Jobs at Standford University’s Memorial Church, where Steve’s biological sister, Mona Simpson, delivered a moving eulogy, and revealed his last words: ‘OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.’

Here’s To The Crazy Ones


  1. insightout says

    Two things Bill,

    a) I like the leopard theme, especially the small detail (like the coffee mug)

    b) the 2nd photo is superior to anything the A/S ad agency has produced. When I studied the photo, it appears to be a space ship on landing stilts, complete with a lone star in the galactic blackness. Next time, try it with the “landing lights” lit, make George Lucas proud.

  2. Mike says

    Bill, If this isn’t an attempt at a viral ad by a co-op between Apple and Airstream – well… Darn shame if it isn’t is all… it should be if it isn’t and I’m not kidding at all, this is at the top of a search for just Airstream and Steve Jobs and Apple, quite impressive considering the huge traffic all three of these generate and all the potential wrong hits such a large pool would be expected to generate, here’s this homage, and I think, fitting. I wonder, does anyone out there know if he owned one, I’m an artist and I have what I think would be an awesome sculpture that would present as a sliced apple where one walks in-between the slices, screens, and feels as if they’d gone through a portal, into a Job’s future… and a surround three sixty core view, and the outside made of an Airstream Mr. Jobs had actually used, turned inside out so the hollow insides of the large Apple-pieces can be used by Apple employee’s only, something like that… a few other things, quite a few really, but that’s the “core” of why I’m asking… Sheesh, and caffeine is legal? To recap, anyone know if Mr. Jobs had an Airstream (1) and (2), anyone think my idea for a screened inner core, Airstream-skinned outside, and hollow inside the pieces so they can be entered, all made of inside out Airstream made to look like an Apple on the outside is interesting? Good even?