Wild horses couldn’t keep us away

Desert wildflowers were blooming and the sun was shining, so even wild horses could not keep us away while record-breaking high temperatures were rolling across San Diego County.  It took longer each day for the sun to dip below the nearby mountain range and bring comforting shade and refreshing coolness to our Safari and us.  During the week temperatures progressed from the high seventies to the high nineties in the Anza-Borrego Desert.dsc_0134-desert-sun-to-shade.jpgAreas of the Anza-Borrego Desert were once part of the ancestral Gulf of California and are rich in fossils, such as horse teeth.  According to Wikipedia, the horse is native to North America and Equidae fossils date back to the Eocene period, 54 million years ago.  Equus fossils, such as those thought to be Equus scotti, have been found in the Anza-Borrego Desert.  All Equidae in North America became extinct about 12,000 years ago, but horses eventually returned to the Americas with Christopher Columbus in 1493 (second voyage).  Some horses escaped and formed feral herds, such as the Mustang.  In 2003, the last herd of wild horses in Southern California was removed from Anza-Borrego’s Coyote Canyon, but efforts are underway to restore the herd amidst much controversy.


We recently acquired this beautiful fused glass art, “Galloping Horses”, by Lyn Feudner, from The Art Glass Guild, part of Spanish Village Art Center, next to the San Diego Zoo.  A closeup of this piece is seen in Lyn’s blog posting, “Fused Glass Horse“, and is based on her sketches posted last May.  It goes well in front of our Vista View window.

Here is what is also new in our trailer.  We found that the Cuisinart CPT-60 2-slice toaster with its wide long slot is perfect for toasting slices of Larry’s homemade artisan bread rounds and fits perfectly in back of the stove when not in use.


It is pulled out onto the mat under the stove hood when in use (unfortunately it is currently unavailable).


This 39″ high Bionaire Tower Fan from Costco has a small footprint and yet produces a cooling breeze inside the trailer when it is not quite hot enough to close up the trailer and start up the noisy air conditioner.

It is remote controlled and comes with a 12″ high Mini Tower Fan.

Eventually, as the week progressed, we did turn on the air conditioner…

and began dreaming about our next camping destination

bluff-top  camping overlooking the Pacific Ocean

where wild horses couldn’t keep us away.



  1. insightout says

    While you suffer through the 90s, here in the midwest the AM temps are < 32℉ and it takes a solar heater to keep the water for two horses from freezing.

    The tower fan looks interesting, but why ‘remote control’ ? Does it blow enough cool air that you can’t get close enough to turn it off ?

  2. says

    Well, ‘Wild horses couldn’t keep us away’, but wild software bugs could, so I’ll flounder about a little longer here at the bottom, under ‘Sixteen Tons’…

    ‘and the funny part was’… that I had been ‘Back from my sabbatical’ long enough to present a new post, which should have brought me to the surface to gasp for air,

    but it vanished in thin air, so I’ll remain here in ‘the depths of despair’ until the bugs fly away or the world comes to an end… which would be a sad affair.