Basking in the desert sun

While our friends 50 miles north of us in Borrego Springs were experiencing cold, cloudy weather with rain during the day and sleet at night, we were enjoying the sun and rainbows during our return to Agua Caliente County Park on our first trip of the new year.


Our Safari trailer also seemed to enjoy basking in the warm sun in preparation to brave the cool nights that required a small space heater that ran continuously throughout the night at this full hookup campsite.


It’s quite peaceful and relaxing here. People like to sit and take in the beautiful vista views.  I saw some people sitting on a vintage art deco cement bench on the side of a nearby desert road.  From a distance, it looked liked they were waiting for a bus.  But as I got closer, it looked like they were hitchhiking.  Perhaps their car had tire problems or maybe they were trying to thumb their way to warmer climes.


It turned out that our friends Rich, Eleanor and Emma came down to visit while sitting and hiking in the sun.


The sun brings out such happiness!


Eleanor and Larry decided to spend the afternoon in camp chatting and sharing notes, while I joined Rich and Emma on a hike near the primitive Mountain Palm Springs campground.  This pleasant hike up a rocky arroyo led to Palm Bowl, site of 100 or so palms.


Emma, Zoe the cat, and I looked on as Rich stood on the edge of a rocky precipice to take his photo of 100 palms seen in his “Last days in Anza-Borrego” post.


We took our time and savored the sights and the sun.  Emma stopped here and there to examine mica particles glistening in a small creek and gently caressed the spines of an ocotillo.  “I’m petting them,” she quietly said to me, “Sometimes I talk to plants.”


We returned to camp with warm memories of a wonderful hike and spotted Eleanor and Larry happily chatting away in camp chairs positioned to catch the last rays of the sun just before it disappeared behind a nearby mountain ridge, bringing quickly lowering temperatures.

In my next post I’ll share with you my very special, intimate 40 minutes spent taking close-up photos of four Bighorn sheep that I came across while hiking the next day in Agua Caliente County Park… such magnificence!