Desert blooms 2009

Each year’s desert wildflower bloom is unique in its variety, profusion and timing.  Much depends on rainfall and temperature.  Anza-Borrego Desert recently had rain and with warming temperatures the blooms are popping.  A good blooming year here happens only a couple of times a decade.  A good example is found in the fields of Desert Sunflowers and Desert Sand-Verbena of Henderson Canyon near Borrego Springs.


Desert Sunflower, Geraea canescens


Along with Desert Sand-Verbena near Ocotillo Wells.


Below is Desert Chicory in the Palm Canyon area where we camped.


And the Barrel Cactus


And the Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla)…


Last Friday we drove out to the Ocotillo Wells area where we photographed what some people consider the holy grail of the desert wildflowers, the Desert Lily…


Hesperocallis undulata


Read and/or listen to the March 5, 2009 NPR, All Things Considered story, ‘Good Blooming Year’ For California Wildflowers.


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    Isn’t it a wonderful surprise to see such beauty in such barren places? I was just out camping in Wickenburg this weekend and was able to enjoy all the wildflowers out there as well…