Happy New Year galaxy travelers

We rested and feasted while home for the holidays and kept warm and dry while our space ship enjoyed a natural washing from the recent winter rain storms along the coast of Southern California. Gas prices have now hit a five-year low and our sun now smiles down on the great Southwest, just in time for us to drive to Dos Picos Regional Park for a pre-New Year’s celebration with fellow galaxy travelers, Terry and Greg from Tucson, Arizona.


We brought Larry’s homemade lentil soup with chicken, sausage and bacon, along with pork tamales, and chocolate biscotti.  The weather was on the cool side, but the food and hot tea warmed us up.


(Sadie, their blond cocker spaniel, sits next to Larry, while Annie, a black cocker spaniel sits under the table, Greg is wearing the ball cap and Terry is wearing the yellow shirt.)  Terry (sometimes known as Tucson Terry) is known on Airstreamforums as TBRich where he features his travel thread “AZBAMBI… On the Road Again…“.  He also maintains his web site of the same name, which features a detailed log of their travels along with a plethora of beautiful and colorful photos. Through AZBambi Decors, Greg and Terry help others customize and personalize their Airstream interiors by making custom slip covers for the dinette, along with curtains, bedspreads, window valances, pillow shams and throw rugs. Greg made the new dinette cushion slip covers for the Luhrs’ seen here.

After lunch I enjoyed hiking the Nature Trail of Dos Picos Regional Park, located in San Diego County. Dos Picos is Spanish for “two peaks” (which are nearby) and is in a small valley filled with oak trees and surrounded by ranch land and steep rocky slopes. The Ipai (Kumeyaay) Native Americans lived here 7000 years ago. They gathered the abundant oak acorns and ground them into meal. The wide range of habitats supports birds, coyotes, foxes, possums, skunks, and raccoons. Due to the recent rains, moss grows abundantly on the rocks in shady areas.


Along the trail I spotted a boulder that looked like a large skull.


Snow covered the Cuyamaca Mountains in the distance.


We re-grouped and spent the afternoon chatting.


We talked about everything… their new interior LED overhead lights, fabrics, cushions, accessories, camping, traveling, cooking and food,  pets and even politics.  Well, New Year’s is a good time for A Year in Review – 2008… and a good time to raise our concerns for national lands and the wildlife therein (as recently done by writer and photographer, Bert Gildart)… and a time for contemplating New Year’s resolutions.  As darkness descended we talked about the Man in the Maze symbol, often used in the American Southwest by Hopi silversmiths.  According to O’odham oral history, this design depicts experiences and choices we make in our journey through life.  Greg then showed us his watchband with two A-Man-in-the-Maze gold and silver jewelry pieces made by Jason Takala (of the Hopi tribe) who specializes in Hopi Overlay Jewelry.


I seem to recall seeing that symbol and title used somewhere else… let’s see.

We said our “See you on the road” to Terry and Greg and attempted to return to home base, but found ourselves repeatedly going in circles through the dark maze of the campground until a Park Ranger led us from darkness to the light of the Ranger’s Station at the park entrance.  Tomorrow we will reactivate the mother ship, recalibrate the flux capacitor and continue preparations for traveling to a warmer climate to greet the sun, travelers, and the new year.

Today Terry and Greg moved to William Heise County Park near Julian, CA.  I just received their report that it is cold, 35 degrees. (Current weather in Julian: temperature is 33 degrees and will drop to 22 degrees by midnight). Terry reports that the campground looks like an active lumber cutting camp with freshly bulldozed mud banks and torn up remains of trees”. He said the ranger reported that the heavy snow there earlier in the week had brought down many limbs, branches and whole trees! Hang in there, Terry and Greg, the weather in Anza-Borrego will be 70 degrees when we rendezvous there on Tuesday, and sunny through the week, which should be topped off nicely by the Quadrantids meteor shower during the pre-dawn hours of January 3.

Happy New Year! Galaxy Travelers and everyone, everywhere… Let’s toast to the New Year with champagne… or grapefruit juice… and Drive the Cold Winter Away!



  1. Bill says

    As you might have noticed, many of the informational links that I and others use on this Airstream Life Online Community site are from Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in history.

    I have found that Wikipedia is a wealth of reliable information that can be accessed safely.

    Please take a moment to read the following appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, who says, “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.”


    Thank you and best wishes for a happy,healthy and safe new year.

  2. says

    Bill and Larry…We so enjoyed seeing you at Dos Picos! And Larry, a thanks for bringing the tasty lunch…it hit the spot. It was one of those gatherings where everyone was talking all at the same time…so much to discuss! Great pics, too, Bill. We are hanging in here at Wm Heise…it didn’t get as cold as it was supposed to last night and today it’s sunny out and about 50 degrees. Even though the park looks like it was hit by a tornado with downed trees and limbs piled along the roadside along with left-over snow…all the result of last week’s heavy wet snow storm, we will make the best of it. We are not alone…there are several other brave souls here, some in tents, even! We are looking forward to our next rendezvous with you in Anza-Borrego this week…the next leg of our winter Airstream adventure! We are pleased that the roads are clear and free of snow…we were concerned about that earlier. See you soon!

  3. says

    Larry always brings the tastiest dishes indeed! I hope you all have a wonderful time during the rendezvousfor New Years Eve! I certainly wish we could have made it, but we’re pointing the Airstream in a Southern direction towards Ghost Towns and Missions instead…

    And cheers to a Happy Happy New Year!!

  4. Bill says

    Thanks, Sadira… looking forward to seeing you again when you arrive along with the spring wild flowers.

    ’til then, cheers and a very, very happy new year to you and yours!

  5. amoveablefeast says

    Bill (and Larry) – I feel like I know everyone who is out on the road with you guys. I’m glad I inspired you with the biscotti. I truly love biscotti. Really. So anyway, I have a canister of lentils I purchased at Whole Foods, and it’s been beckoning me, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Would Larry be willing to lend me his recipe? IT sounded wonderful. And since it’s New Years, and lentils are what Italians cook for good luck and all, I thought maybe….?

    Be safe on the road. – Jill

  6. insightout says

    The very best of New Year wishes to you guys, as those of us in the netherworld follow along vicariously….breathing a collective sigh departing a disastrous 2008. If optimism can reign, 2009 should be an improvement.

    Appears that the Luhr adventure trek to Split Mountain and Wind Cave displaces split ends and wide receivers… you must be aware that A-Borregans are missing the saturation overload of season ending football, dawn to midnight, ad nauseum. It has to be pleasant when the only bowl game you anticipate is eating chinese out of a porcelain dish.

    Mark us down as envious, except perhaps for the ukelele serenade. I’ve learned that with advancing age, diminished hearing can be a welcome impairment. I’d pretend to enjoy the ‘music’ in exchange for one of your delicious oriental dinners.

    Kind regards,

  7. Bill says

    Thanks, Jill… (Sorry for the delay in approving your comment, we just got back from four wonderfully sunny and warm days camping in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA.)

    Tomorrow I’ll start posting highlights of this trip, but in the mean time Rich posted an excellent overview at:

    I’ll pass on your request to Larry for his lentils recipe.

    Thanks for your “Be safe on the road” wishes, earlier today we reluctantly left the mild desert and faced cold mist, rain and fog as we traversed the Cuyamaca Mountains and arrived in 43 degree weather in San Diego.

  8. Bill says

    Thanks, Chas… and the very best to you and family.

    Actually, the excitement of the football playoffs permeated the Anza-Borrego campground as evidenced by people wearing the San Diego Chargers T-shirts. (The red-hot Chargers went on to a 23 to 17 point victory over the Indianapolis Colts).

    I’ll start posting highlights of our trip tomorrow, and I promise it will be easy on your ears and eyes and not require much Visine… Rich and I thought we would spare you the sight of our Hawaiian shirts, this time around… but I wish to assure you that the ukulele frenzy is alive and flourishing in Southern California.


    Kind regards —

  9. says

    Hey guys! Sorry to have missed this Borrego gathering, but Bisbee was a lot of fun!

    I’ll look forward to seeing you guys in February!

    Thanks for sharing the trip through the blog. Looks like a great time!!!