Summer flowers and turkeys…

Or Getting Cereus. So after a strong cup of coffee, I was off to hunt turkeys and flowers in the Cuyamaca Mountains.


With shooting equipment in hand, I quietly approached the direction of turkeys gobbling in the brush. A turkey hen and her poults emerged in the sunlight.


300 of these Rio Grande Turkeys were introduced here in 1993. There are now up to 20,000 or more in the area.

I continued my morning hunt in William Heise County Park for wildlife or at least wild flowers, and was rewarded by the Lavender Monkey-Flower


and the Wild Rose, Rosa virginiana


A festive meal, prepared by Larry, of pork-shrimp bean curd skin rolls, served with beignets rounded off the day. See his cooking page on our web site Dim Sum Safari Express.

We hitched up and returned home in time to see the Queen of the Night, the Night-Blooming Cereus (Cereus greggii) profusely bursting with sweetly fragrant blooms during the night of Summer Solstice.



I then sat back and listened to turkey-in-the straw as I contemplated my next article, “Getting hitched”.


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    What beautiful photos! The last one’s remind me of a time when my father was raising beautiful cacti. They bloomed at night only, and he was forever getting up in the middle of the night to take photos of the blooms…

    OH…congratulations from my way! I am so excited for you…and I have to admit, when I heard the news (via Rich) I was so touched, I got a little teary (then again, I was on the way to the gym to do cardio and yoga so it might have been that…but I doubt it)