Spring Wild Flowers

It might be snowing where you are, but it’s spring wild flowers in Anza-Borrego Desert, CA., as we take one more look at the spectacular view and cherish the memories of a very special and magical Safari trip. Last week we joined Rich C. and Sadira at Palm Canyon Campground.


Warm, early morning sunlight bathed our trailers and wild flowers.


Our Pug, Pau Hoa, and Corgi, Mac, always enjoy early morning walks with Larry.


Fields of Wild Heliotrope and Desert Chicory dance in the mid-morning sun.


Our MacBook Pro also seemed to enjoy the early morning sun while sitting on our credenza next to a very helpful reference, The Digital RV, Second Edition, by R.L. Charpentier.


Larry has been composing Airstream songs while serenading Pau Hoa with his ukulele.


Meanwhile, I joined Rich C. and Sadira on a hike up Ghost Mountain, and this time I remembered to bring my water bottle. Rich C. remembered to bring his Vermont Smoked Beef Jerky, and Sadira brought her smile.



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    Well…A smile is certainly the lightest thing to take on a hike up a mountain! (and it may have been the only thing that couldn’t blow away in all that wind?) I had so much fun on our trip…and have been reliving it in pictures and memories since we got back. Is it a surprise that I was ready to turn back about an hour away from Anza Borrego? I can’t wait to go back…or at least meet you guys somewhere new??

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    And a good time was had by all!

    You know, a week ago we were enjoying the warmth of Borrego Springs….now I’m chilly here in Prescott. Wish we’d had more time for exploring the area. So much to do out there!

    Glad to have seen you guys again. Next time we meet it will be in Prescott…. 🙂 After all, you’ve got to take that Airstream further now!

    Oh, maybe we should start planning now for next year’s February 28th arrival in A-B!