First Field Report

On a hunt for big game amidst the blooming spring wild flowers, we returned with our Safari to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park armed with our HP camera (pixels cranked up to the max) and the MacBook Pro raring to go.


We joined Rich C. and Sadira for three, starry nights of desert camping in search of Bighorn sheep and wild flowers. This trip also marked the first year anniversary of Rich’s return to Palm Canyon and his turn-around of fortune.

We all were excited about this trip because recent rains followed by the return of warm, sunny weather held out the promise of an early, glorious wild flower display. We got up before sunrise to hike up Palm Canyon and were not disappointed.


A blanket of wild flowers greeted us just a few feet into the trail head.


A photo op was present everywhere we turned.


It was also a study of contrasts, lush new growth next to dead palm tree trunks from previous floods.


Along the way, we enjoyed the refreshing and soothing sounds of the briskly flowing Palm Canyon creek.



Rich C. enjoyed his Vermont Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky.


Thinking that he had spotted a Bighorn sheep up along the ridge, Rich hopped up and quickly attached his Canon EOS-30D camera (with 70-300 mm Canon lens) to his Tricks Stick monopod . But it was only a rock.


I thought that I had seen a lion up there, but it was actually a ridge silhouette in front of a glowing sun.


The big game animals were elusive this time, but the splendor of spring wild flowers cheered us as we made our way back down the trail.


But at least I can report that I spotted more than one leopard right in our own Safari. The trophy was actually the latest operating system of our new MacBook Pro.


This first post from the field was brought to you compliments of Rich C’s WI-FI connection that I could pick up while sitting at our camp picnic table. (Thanks, Rich)



  1. says

    Wasn’t that a fun hike into palm canon?? You got some amazing shots as well…thank goodness that wasn’t a lion though, but it would explain why we didn’t see any big horn sheep yet…

  2. says

    Hey there Bill! Thought I’d check in to see if you’ve gotten the next blog post up yet! I’m looking forward to seeing your trip wrap up.

    Great time with you guys. Prescott sounds like a good destination for you soon!!! 🙂

  3. Bill D. says

    Stay tuned… Trip wrap-up and more photos coming later this week.

    Yes, it was a fun and colorful hike up Palm Canyon. Now is the time to see the wild flowers in Anza-Borrego Desert.

    A great time was had by all. Thanks Gadget and Sadira!