Ukuleles and Airstreaming

Could ukulele strumming and Airstreaming have a connection? I’ll explore that in my next post. Rich Luhr explored it in the January 27th post in his Tour of America blog.

The bottom line is that they both make us happy and excited. I was so excited upon getting my first ukulele today that I just had to share a photo and a preview of my next post. I’ll warn you though, this happiness is contagious!

The photo shows me strumming a ukulele for the first time and it’s a brand new Kala Mango Concert Ukulele. Strumming next to me is Roy Good, Manager of Giacoletti Music, in Carlsbad, California. Good vibrations and wonderful instruments abound and thrive here.


Thriving… that’s the connection.  See more, do more, live more through happy, ukulele strumming and Airstreaming!