Mr W photo credit- Jokie TolentinoThis blog was started in 2008 to share our experiences camping with our 2007 Airstream Safari travel trailer, along with its care, maintenance, and repair.  Website stats show that Airstreamers or Airstream enthusiasts come to this blog everyday to find information regarding over 10 years’ worth of Airstream-related subjects and care.   Each blog page has a search window where specific topics can be searched and found.

After 10 years of camping in San Diego’s beautiful beach, mountain, and desert sites, Larry and I listened to our minds and bodies and decided to lessen our workload and stress by selling our Airstream to a younger family who will use and love this Airstream as we have (See The Selling of our Airstream trailer).

Since selling our trailer last August, we have moved on to new experiences that are now more appropriately conveyed in a blog that I had previously set up for this very purpose: History Safari Expresso, which has just been reawakened and now thrives as it takes over conveying our seasonal celebrations, holidays, meditations, outings, and the beauty we see around us.

Besides providing interesting photos and information, the blog postings here provide links to additional information that is intended to enhance the viewers understanding and experience.  Some of the links are to videos that are carefully selected for being interesting and supportive to my posts’ themes.  Starting in February, 2013, I have flagged the video links with an asterisked note (*This is a link to a YouTube video) as a courtesy to viewers who are concerned about the cost of data usage in this modern age of mobile internet.

Hopefully, you will have no such worries and will sit down with a hot cup of rich coffee or a sip of wine and take time to savor the content and experience History Safari Express and History Safari Expresso!

Also, hopefully, you will take a moment to comment.  Please note that the opportunity to comment ends 31 days after each post is published. 


Mr. W (Photo credit: Jokie Tolentino)