Airstream torquing tendonitis

Before every trip, I follow a checklist of procedures that need to be done and items to include, which are spread over a 4-day period.  Critical items that must be done are checking and adjusting tire pressures, and checking the torque of the trailer wheel lug nuts to lessen the chance of a tire or wheel failure (See Outside Interests‘ “Tire Tips – Part 2”).  I lug around a rather heavy air compressor to each tire that needs more air and then I apply a torque wrench to each lug nut in a star pattern* to the specified tightness of 110-120 ft-lbs two days before departure (See “Carry a Torque Wrench for RV Maintenance“).*  See and hear Colonial Airstream’s Patrick Botticelli’s video, “Airstream Tire Safety,”* which includes information about tire inspection, tire pressures, lug nut torque, DOT (Department of Transportation) Code for manufacture date, and when to replace tires.


Last month, two days before our first trip of our fall-winter-spring camping season, I checked the tire pressures, placed PressurePro tire monitoring sensors on our ST tires* and checked lug nut torque.  I am right handed, so I lugged the air compressor and checked the lug nuts mostly with my right arm.  Our aged air compressor seemed to struggle at times with the job, so at the end of the day, I went to Home Depot and got a new compressor and then went to Costco and picked up a half-gallon of ice cream and a large apple pie, mostly with my right arm.  That evening, I felt my arm ache, which interrupted my sleep. The day before departure, I continued with my checklist and the ache became pain and burning that persisted throughout the night. I awoke on departure day realizing that hitching up would result in further injury, so we reluctantly canceled our November trip to the desert.

Ten years ago, we first bought this Airstream Safari just before Thanksgiving when I was 69 years old [actually, I was 59, as caught and corrected by my dear Dr. C., whose sharp eye, insight and wit are evidenced in his comments below]. By the way, November is a great time to shop and haggle for a new Airstream.  Next month will be the 10th year of our camping with this Airstream travel trailer, and I will be 70 in March.  As Willie Nelson sings, “Gee, ain’t it funny how time just slips away.“*

It seems this Airstream is holding up better than my body parts, as my Kaiser Urgent Care diagnosis of right arm tendonitis* confirmed.  Fortunately, after a 2-week course of Ibuprofen (Motrin) 800 mg q8 hrs and most importantly, mindful rest,* I feel up to preparing for our return to the desert this month.

Whether this incident is a fluke, or a sign of things to come remains to be seen.  We have reservations for camping sites through next April…

Meanwhile, we are attending the fun events such as the Harbor Walk at Oceanside, CA, put on by  San Diego Corgi Meetup.


Happy Holidays to all, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe!*

Wait, wait, there’s more:  A Dr. C. inspired encore video selection: James Cluer’s Wine Route – Bordeaux Part 8: Cháteau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande*

*This is a link to a YouTube video.


  1. Beverly Knauer says

    Has it really been ten years now? That’s so hard to believe! Ahhh… the passing of time. Sorry you had to go through the tendonitis, but relieved you are feeling good enough to go on your adventures again. Enjoy the desert!

    • Bill D. says

      Thanks for your comments, Beverly… and CONGRATULATIONS on the publication of your first book, The Line Between, with a 5-star rating on Amazon! As noted on Amazon, “The Line Between is an inspirational story of hope, loss, friendship, forgiveness, transformation, and eternal love. It speaks the language of the soul and reminds us to embrace all of our life experiences—the everyday routine, the miraculously mesmerizing, and the rip-your-heart-out tragic moments—as equally meaningful.”

      Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

  2. says

    BD writes;
    Ten years ago, we first bought this Airstream Safari just before Thanksgiving when I was 69….next month will be the 10th year and I will be 70 in March.
    Whoa, most of us got a C+ in arithmetic, but I like your math.

    Taking 2.4 Gm/day of Motrin for 2 weeks risks gastric perforation, and for what, improper torsioning procedure ?

    Here, then, the proper prescription

    ( part a) one liter/day of Chateau Pichon-Longueville Baron, Pauillac Sweet blackcurrant aroma, rather more open and accessible than its neighbour Pichon-Lalande across the road, smoky, tannic, dense mouthfeel and then welcome juice at the end. Serious, concentrated, hefty in price, currently € 1275/bottle, however, ameliorated by a 97 score on Wine Spectator.

    (part b) Buy an attractive sling at from the local orthopedist.

    (part c) Hand the torsion wrench to Larry.

    Enjoy the holidays; allow sympathy to be your new, best friend.

    • Bill D. says

      My dear Dr. C.,

      I am indebted to your astute observation regarding the inaccuracy of my age as initially reported. My error is undoubtedly a sign of things to come as the years slip by.

      Thank you for your concern regarding my high-end regimen of Motrin and for your prescriptions that include high-end Château Pinchon Baron wine, which I imagine would be perfect to sip while reading and savoring your holiday post, “Chest Nuts roasting by an open fire.”

      Happy Holidays to you, Lynn, and Mrs. Wilson!