Mobile-friendly mountain happiness

History Safari Express is now seven years old, got a facelift, and is now mobile-friendly, which should make users of mobile devices happy when they visit this website that brings history alive as Larry and I continue our Airstream adventures in San Diego’s beautiful mountains, deserts, and along the coast.  The push to go mobile-friendly came from Google’s changing its search algorithms on April 21, 2015, which will favor websites that are mobile-friendly.  Mobile-friendly means that users of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can read and navigate website content, which is important since millions of Internet users access and search the Internet with mobile devices.  According to the CBS News story, “Google search shake-up favors mobile-friendly sites,” 29% of all U.S. search requests in the last three months of last year were made on mobile devices.

History Safari Express is now happier and happy to report that we and our Airstream Safari, now eight years old, were happy to return to the cool, refreshing Cuyamaca Mountains now that our local desert is heating up.  We returned to our favorite non-hookup campsite at William Heise County Park near Julian, California, where we were surrounded by fragrant Palmer Lilac bushes, pine and oak trees, and plentiful wildlife.

DSC_0005 Palmer Lilac around Safari

Temperatures at night were in the 30s and 40s so we were happy that our Mr. Heater, using 16.4 oz. propane canisters, warmed the trailer without needing to use the energy inefficient and loud trailer furnace.  Per the manual, this heater requires a vent area of 9 square inches, which was easily supplied by our 5″ diameter bathroom vent that has an area of 19.6 square inches.  As seen in the photo below, the bathroom door could be kept closed because it has a bottom opening, 1.75″ by 26″, and an area of 45.5 square inches.  One canister lasted us 5 hours, set on “LO” setting.

DSC_0013(2) Mr Heater

We and our solar panels were happy when the sun came up.  A portable radio helped to conserve electrical power.  At night we enjoyed votive candles.

DSC_0018 Grundig YB 305 receiver

Of course, our corgis, Mac and Tasha, were thrilled to go on walks.  We paused to admire a flowering Western redbud.

DSC_0039 Larry & corgis by Western redbud

DSC_0030 Western redbud

We are happy that this San Diego County Park allows dogs on trails, and our corgis couldn’t wait to get on the Cedar Trail.  (Dogs need to be kept on a six foot leash.)

DSC_0089 Larry & corgis on Cedar Trail

Mule deer* were nearby.

DSC_0002 Mule deer

And Rio Grande Turkeys feasted during a 40 minute photo shoot while I imagined Senator Robert Byrd playing, “Turkey in the Straw.”* (See more close-up views of this tom turkey and his two hens and how this opportunity arose in my post, “A Rio Grande turkey interlude,” History Safari Expresso blog.)

DSC_0316 Rio Grande Turkey feasting


DSC_0343 Rio Grande Tom Turkey

We are currently enjoying our garden near the coast, while preparing for our return to the bluffs over the Pacific Ocean next month.  In the meantime, see more photos of deer, turkeys, Acorn woodpeckers, Stellar jays, and read and hear meditations, and find out what is so special about four pebbles in my post, “Mountain gleanings,” and see my updated post, “Spring flowers, leaves and end of life options,” all in my new History Safari Expresso blog, which just went mobile-friendly, and now I’m really feelin’ groovy!*

*This is a link to a YouTube video.


  1. RichLuhr says

    Congratulations! I love seeing your great photos in a larger size, and it’s nice to be able to read your blog on any device now.

  2. Stan says

    I am reading your blog for the first time ever… on my phone! Just ran across you today while browsing Aluminarium. So, thanks for the upgrade to mobile friendly. Look forward to following your S. Cal. adventures.

    Salt Lake City

  3. Bill D. says

    Thanks Rich… and Thanks Stan, for your comments, which are very much appreciated!

    Well, there you are! Going mobile-friendly does make a difference… which is an incentive to get my other blog, History Safari Expresso, up to speed!

    Thanks, Rich, for your hard work in the major overhaul of the Airstream Life website, which included the upgrade of my blog to mobile-friendly status!

    Welcome, Stan, to History Safari Express and I’m glad you’re following!

  4. Bill D. says

    Getting my History Safari Expresso blog mobile-friendly was easier than I thought. This blog is based on and uses the Twenty Ten Theme. I first read’s Support page for Mobile Themes. I then signed in to my blog and went to my Dashboard and selected “Appearance”, then “Mobile” and clicked on “Enable mobile theme” and “Update” and voila… it became mobile-friendly without changing how it looks on my laptop computer. I then verified this by running my webpage through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and the results stated “Awesome! This page is mobile friendly” and it showed how my page appears on a smart phone! Yay!!!

  5. says

    Looks great Bill. And like Rich Luhr commented, loving the image sizes on this. I’ve checked the site out with my iPad as well, and looking great! Lately I prefer reading sites on the iPad.

    Keep having fun!

  6. Bill D. says

    Thanks, Rich C, for your comments!

    This afternoon, I asked my sister-in-law, who has an iPhone, iPad, and a PC, to compare how my two blogs look and function on her different devices and she also reported that everything looked good, and the pictures were sharp on all devices.

    Congratulations on the debut today of your Airstream Chronicles’ blog makeover, with a full page layout and a sticky bar at the top displaying select posts!

    I’ll be following!