Airstream and Earth Day

In 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a national environment event which led to the first Earth Day observance on April 22, 1970. It is now viewed as a worldwide effort to promote the health and protection of our global environment and resources.


Forty-three years earlier, William Hawley Bowlus supervised the construction of Charles Lindbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, at Ryan Airline Company in San Diego in 1927. In 1934, he applied aircraft monocoque construction techniques and used Duraluminum in making a streamlined travel trailer, the Road Chief. Two years later, a salesman for the Bowlus-Teller Mfg. Company, Wally Byam, bought the company, founded Airstream, and made their first trailer, the Airstream Clipper, based on the Road Chief.

The sleek, streamline design of Airstream trailers now seems to be a timeless icon of natural beauty in form and function that works well with the environment rather than against it. The Airstream’s shiny exterior reflects the gleaming sun, sky, and natural beauty wherever we take it. Its low profile design also means that it helps us be more fuel efficient when towing, as well as safer in wind-advisory conditions.


The Airstream trailer enables us to experience a variety of terrains and get close to the natural beauty of our planet Earth. It also reinforces good conservation efforts and habits as we learn to be frugal in the use of the trailer’s supply of water, propane and electricity. Airstream also inspires us just by being visible through our living room window.


It motivates us to maintain and conserve what we already have (the greenest building is one that is already built), as well as to add additional alternative energy systems such as solar and wind power technology.

Airstream energizes us to observe, celebrate and live Earth Day, every day. Earth Day activates us to become more aware of environmental concerns and current issues. One issue is the threat to our local, state and national parks due to budget cuts during the downturn of our economy; California and Arizona are two good examples.

For more information on Earth Day and keeping current on green issues, check out some of these links:,,, and if you have a cat, see Then get your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy music to celebrate Earth Day.


Happy Earth Day (and Happy Birthday Emma)!


  1. says

    I’m loving all the pictures…they are so wonderful! It’s also so nice to think of the Airstream as aiding in making a smaller footprint on the environment…

  2. Bill D. says

    Thanks, Sadira, and Happy Birthday to you, too!

    The value and concept of the Airstream making a smaller footprint on the environment is just the point that I wanted to make.

    More information on carbon footprints and how we can calculate ours and then reduce its impact on the environment can be seen at:

  3. Larry K. says

    I recently attended a conference sponsored by the National Trust in San Diego’s Old Town. I was shocked to learn about the strategy of developers to first have our (local, state, national) parks closed due to budget deficits. Once the parks are forgotten, the land is then sold and lost forever to future generations. If we are not vigilant and fail to monitor what our politicians are doing, we will have our trailers and tow vehicles with no place to go.